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How to improve the sound of a vinyl turntable: simple life hacks

How to improve the sound of a vinyl turntable: simple life hacks

2022-12-16 18:53:00 510 20

It happens, that even the highest quality vinyl players do not reveal their full potential. And, before you think about drastic changes, try a few simple solutions that can significantly improve the sound.

Check if the player table is set horizontally

Vinyl experts often overlook such an important nuance as exposing the "horizon". A bubble level is suitable for this purpose, which can be purchased for relatively little money now. After leveling the turntable, you can proceed to further adjustment of the tonearm and cartridge.

Adjust the downforce of the tonearm

Most medium- and high-end vinyl record players are equipped with tonearms with the ability to adjust the downforce. Do not neglect this simple procedure, because you can count on the correct tonal balance and comfortable sound with a sufficient number of low frequencies only in this case. The recommended downforce value can be found in the documentation for the player.

Use an external phono corrector

The main function of the phono corrector is to pre-amplify the signal and adjust the tonal balance of the record. Many vinyl record players are equipped with built-in phono correctors, which often make the sound flat and inexpressive. Moreover, even an inexpensive external phono corrector can significantly improve the sound quality.

Change Stereo Cartridge

Many vinyl players allow you to easily replace Stereo Cartridge with more preferable option. It is important to consider how the cartridge is attached to the tonearm and its weight.

Use vibration isolating platforms

No secret that vinyl record players are sensitive to vibrations and resonances that can occur during audio playback. And this is especially true if you like to twist the volume above average. Manufacturers often equip their turntables with vibration-insulating legs, but for the best sound it makes sense to purchase additional anti-vibration supports or a vibration-isolating platform.

Keep the stylus (needle) and records clean

Anyway, all kinds of pollution can significantly affect the sound quality of vinyl. The safest way to deal with them is to use special cleaning products and soft brushes to clean the records and stylus of the record player.

Use clamp for the vinyl records

First of all, good weighty clamp is beautiful. Second, this simple accessory allows you to improve the pressing of the record to the mat, which is especially important if the record is a little curve, so you can eliminate unwanted distortions and make the sound more solid.