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How to improve the sound of a vinyl turntable: simple life hacks Even the highest quality vinyl players do not reveal their full potential. And, before you think about drastic changes, try a few simple solutions that can significantly improve the sound.
12.12.2022 964 10
How to choose speakers for your home stereo system It сan be challenging not to get lost in huge variety of speakers. However, guided by simple rules, you can effortlessly find your perfect sound. Introducing our succinct guide to choosing home speakers
12.12.2022 903 10
How to improve the sound of the audio system: 10 useful life hacks It happens that even the highest quality audio systems do not reveal their potential - because of many nuances that seem insignificant at first glance. And before you think about drastic changes, try a few simple solutions that can significantly improve the sound.
12.12.2022 937 10
Best Hi-Fi Stereo gadgets 2022-2023 Searching for equipment for a home audio system is a fascinating process, because modern equipment is gradually overgrown with new functionality and offers more and more advanced characteristics. We continue to sum up the results of the year and have selected the best stereo components for 2022-2023.
12.12.2022 1113 10
Soundbar or home theater, which is better? The desire to get high-quality surround sound when watching movies or favorite TV shows for many users poses a dilemma - what to choose, a relatively new type of audio equipment - a soundbar or a time-tested home theater. To solve this question is called the presented comparative analysis of these devices.
12.12.2022 1120 10
10 Good Reasons to Listen to Music on CD Many people consider the CD a relic of the past, but there is still a demand for music recorded on CD. So why buy albums on physical media when there is a simple and convenient streaming? Ten "pros" - in our article.
12.12.2022 284 10
Studio monitors instead of home Hi-Fi speakers: pros and cons The main goal of studio monitors is to play audio as authentically as possible, without hiding or embellishing anything. As a matter of fact, why not put this concept in a domestic context? Let's talk about the pros and cons of professional speakers within the living space and try to understand how good such an idea is
12.12.2022 323 10
Best Speakers 2022-2023 December has come, which means it's time to sum up the results of the year. We have selected the most interesting speakers 2022-2023, which will delight listeners with stylish design and excellent sound quality.
12.12.2022 331 10
15 electronic albums worth listening to on vinyl The formation of the genre of electronic music began in the second half of the XX century: until the 70s, it was considered an experimental art, but the improvement of technology and the establishment of serial production of synthesizers led to the fact that electronics became the most important part of modern culture. In our review - 15 legendary electronic albums, which are definitely worth listening to on vinyl.
12.12.2022 286 10
How to choose wireless headphones? Tired of wires that are constantly tangled? Do you want absolute freedom of movement even in headphones? Then try wireless headphones, which you can buy only here!
12.12.2022 331 10
What Are Bookshelf Speakers? Bookshelf speakers are an integral part of any Hi-Fi system, and it's better to buy following certain goals.
12.12.2022 374 10
What Is A Projector? A home projector screen is a great alternative to a TV. What is this technology capable of? The video projector will delight the viewer with a truly large image: the diagonal here is measured in meters, while the device itself has more compact (compared to TV) dimensions.
12.12.2022 1408 10
AV Receiver: The Heart Of The Home Theater This device receives audio-video information from all your sources and outputs it to your TV and speakers. It is a kind of hub that not only receive video and audio streams, for example, from a Blu-ray player, but also decode them, create surround sound from a conventional stereo source, or upscales a regular DVD to FullHD.
12.12.2022 1769 10
What Is A Record Player? It only takes the word “vinyl” for many associations to appear in mind which are connected to different meaningful memories that happened during the past years. It is no surprise, as the whole age in the world of music belongs to vinyl. Even recently the connoisseurs of quality music strived to buy gramophones almost in all places.
12.12.2022 353 10
What Is A Subwoofer? The main purpose that the acoustic subwoofer has is reproduction of lower frequency range (30-200 Hz). At the same time, the subwoofer with the lowest frequency is able to reproduce up to 5 Hz. In fact, it is rarely needed as the human ear is able to capture frequencies not lower than 30-40 Hz.
12.12.2022 369 10